Twitter for B2B

The social network is an opportunity for companies to scale and attract new audiences. Twitter is one of these platforms. According to Website Rating, 54% of all B2B companies use this network as a digital marketing tool. And it is available to every business. The only question is whether you’re ready to work on it and keep up with the tendencies.

7 advantages Twitter offers to B2B

Twitter can become an instrument for business cooperation. It is the reason companies in the B2B segment should consider this platform for conducting their marketing campaigns.

1. Engagement and coverage

With a correctly built promotion strategy on the platform, you will not only find leads but also significantly increase the traffic on your website. Among other things, it is a great chance to develop for a small company that has no budget for promotion with the help of traditional marketing instruments.

2. Interaction and feedback

Twitter disposes to easy communication: be it the ‘client-company’ or ‘business-business’ communication. By publishing appealing content, a company can initiate a discussion with subscribers with no additional efforts required. At this stage, trust is born.

3. Influences in your industry

You do not need to book advertising or send goods for review — on Twitter, you can interact with opinion leaders by simply leaving comments, making retweets, or all together. By backing these actions with relevant comments and expert opinions, you can increase brand recognition and form an image of the opinion leader.

4. Communicating with clients

The platform enables simple and fast communication with clients, be it their response to your tweet, review, or complaint. Here, the interaction process is more fruitful, since the audience is easier to contact, and you have more opportunities to communicate with a company and client.

Brand recognition

It is possible to build an audience around your brand if you’re ready to make efforts. Twitter records more than 320 million active users a month. There must be users ready to become not only your readers but also customers.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer

Discover the niche, follow competitors, their activity and content. Analyze their communication with clients and try to focus on things that work. This data will greatly simplify the creation process of personal marketing strategies in the future.

Get engaged in news and trends

On the platform, users exchange news, updates, and trends. Do not stay aside — subscribe to influencers, use relevant hashtags, participate in discussions, and share your opinion on advanced tendencies.

Analyze customer behavior

Keep up with your audiences’ posts, consider what they say and retweet. This information can be used to optimize the marketing strategy. Moreover, the platform has the expanded search functionality for potential customers. You can search by their location, interests, hashtags, etc.


Do not hesitate to use any resource available to boost your business online. The digital era offers new challenges and new opportunities. And Twitter is one of them! Have you already tried it for your B2B marketing strategy? Do you have your own life hacks and tips? Let’s share and discuss!



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