Podcasts As B2B Promotion Tool in 2023

Podcast advertising is a great tool for business promotion. However, not always does it seem a relevant channel for the B2B segment. I suggest giving up skepticism and learning more about the advertising integrated into podcasts. It can help you expand the audience and increase the volume of sales.

What caused the popularity of podcasts?

The popularity of podcasts is growing, and people are contributing to the development of this format. According to the research, in the USA:

  • 104 million people listen to podcasts monthly;
  • 66% of users prefer podcasts to TV;
  • 79.8% of the population listen to podcasts on the road.

A positive dynamic can be observed not only in the USA. More and more people prefer audio content since it allows combining routine tasks with obtaining new and useful information. You can listen to a podcast while jogging in the morning or driving. At the modern pace of life, it is easier to find time to listen to an audio file than to read a book.

Podcasts are the source of expert content. And B2B businesses can use this channel to form an image, increase awareness, and solve numerous marketing tasks.

Also, similar content is often consumed by a business segment of the audience. They often have their companies, and the ability to keep up with the latest news of the field without losing multitasking is the main benefit of the format.

Besides the production itself, business owners can consider the opportunity of advertising and integrations in podcasts. This channel often shows high effectiveness in the increase in brand recognition and trust to it. It can be explained by the connection established between a listener and host.

I will not focus on the production of podcasts. Instead, I will tell you more about the advantages of advertising in podcasts.

5 advantages of advertising in podcasts in 2023

Every channel for promotion has its benefits, flaws, risks, and features. The choice of the advertising format in podcasts (both in the body and as an ad placement) is an individual decision that should be taken carefully and be inbuilt into a general marketing strategy. Anyway, in order to adequately assess the situation, it makes sense to evaluate the perspectives.

1. Audience coverage

Cooperation between your brand and the selected show can help you gain an interested and active audience. In this case, people themselves choose topics to listen to and are correspondingly more attentive to what you are willing to say.

B2B advertising in podcasts offers an opportunity to accurately outline the target audience according to records. For example, you can set up targeting based on the audiences’ professional fields, jobs, company size, and even specific problems.

2. Ideological leadership and reliability

Participation in popular podcasts can position your company as an opinion leader in your field. Moreover, you have an opportunity to increase the level of trust in your brand by sharing positive reviews from customers. This type of advertising is a powerful method to cover the potential audience, which is difficult to be gained by traditional methods.

3. Lead generation and deals

Advertising in podcasts can be used to generate potential customers and make deals. You thus get conversion by directing listeners to target pages with special offers. For example, you can offer a free electronic guide in exchange for an email address. You can also notify the audience about webinars or other events. These call-to-actions can make consumers visit your website or subscribe to your mailing. The result is increased web traffic and ROI.

4. Trends and tendencies

Follow the trends to be among the first and beat competitors. Grab the chance to enter the world of podcasts before your competitors and collect the cream. Explore the format and platforms, and mentions in your niche. You have a chance to become one of the first companies to invest in podcast advertising.

5. Accessibility

Advertising in podcasts is available in terms of price, especially compared with other digital marketing options. Prices for podcast advertising are usually based on CRM. Companies pay only when their advertising is being listened to. And since podcasts are usually downloaded from smartphones, the number of auditions is easy to be tracked.


Podcasts are one of the channels for interaction with your potential customers. It can be used to solve various marketing tasks. The goal of this article was not to make you use it right away. I wanted to show you that this field can be interesting and perspective for B2B businesses.

Have you tried podcast promotion of your services or goods? Share your experience!



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