New Level of Customer Service with AI

Timely offer

According to the Deloitte survey, the majority of 11 500 participants identified the timely offer and competent service as the most essential factors for making a purchase. And despite the fact that these two options were leading, timeliness was chosen more often.

  • free samples;
  • rules for problem-free return and withdrawal;
  • technologies [e.g., virtual displays].

Dynamic customer service — what it’s like?

Dynamic customer experience suggests the provision of assistance and information they require at any time, any place. One of the instruments is the use of AI. This is a technology that helps brands realize more personalized and creative marketing materials, as well as helps to predict customers’ behavior. This strategy can often guarantee clients’ satisfaction at any stage of interaction.

What is the compromise?

Brands often use AI to identify and ensure timely offers, relying on the data. Moreover, if artificial intelligence additionally offers corresponding information to contact centers, it can lead to more rational solutions for customer service. Instead of considering AI and contact centers as independent instruments, it’s better to search for an integrated solution.


The implementation of a complex dynamic strategy requires a real understanding of a current customer service experience. Brands should begin with creating a clear image of their clients and their data collected from various resources. Then they should carry out an analysis of data usage in real-time. A great number of platforms with the possibility to use AI help marketers think less about the technology of user data collection and more about its strategic application.

  • Confidence in a coordinated interaction with clients, ensured by the channels;
  • Focus on the human factor, considering the service experience of specialists, clients, and service providers.



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