How To Create Efficient B2B Marketing Strategy on Twitter?

In this series of articles, we go on discussing the possibilities Twitter offers to B2B companies. Today, we will talk about several basic steps that can help you build systematic work with this communication channel.

Twitter can truly help you reach a new level of company development. However, do not forget that every success is backed by efforts and work on strategy. Every business is unique and has its approach. But still, there are some general recommendations on how to build a B2B strategy on Twitter.

Make research and analysis to establish your target audience:

  • What they publish
  • Their interests
  • Hashtags they use and what they retweet

Collect data on your TA and divide it into segments to create content optimized for users. Besides, be involved in user interests: participate in discussions, retweet, and give feedback.

Subscribe to your clients, monitor what they say about your brand, give feedback to make customers feel that your company is reliable and you worry about your consumers.

If you are not ready to spend so much time on indirect or direct communication with the audience, focus on the quality of the content to make subscribers distribute it by themselves.

Communicate: respond to messages and requests, comment on tweets where you were mentioned, share your ideas and position. All this creates a positive image of your brand, improves customer trust, and leads to increased sales.

Twitter is full of influencers who can become a great channel for content distribution and the formation of a company’s public image. You can use a search by location or keywords to find a suitable opinion leader. Analyze the content published together with subscribers’ feedback and think if they are relevant to your company’s position.

When you find an appropriate influencer, ask if they are interested in cooperation and, consequently, agree on terms that will satisfy both sides.

Quality content is not about tweets once a month with a link to your website. Publish regular posts with useful and interesting information, where you share your expert opinion, offer a discussion, or talk about news in your field.

Don’t forget: Twitter is a dynamic platform, with limitations for the number of words in tweets. You must know how to express your ideas briefly and not lose sense.

Hashtags are a great instrument for promotion on Twitter. They help to classify the content published on the platform and simplify the search.

Discover the most frequently used hashtags in your field, outline the most relevant, and implement them in your materials for publication. However, do not forget about common sense: too many hashtags transform your tweet into spam.

Pay attention to trend hashtags: they can also be used to increase coverage. And make sure that they are relevant to what you write, in order to avoid absurdity.

Your promotion must also bring profit to the audience, despite it being paid content or not. Therefore, when creating promotions, make sure that your offer is clear. Ask yourself if a consumer understands what and how they should do and get after reading your message. Check all the data provided, e.g., terms of promotion, promo code, and conditions.

There are several ways to promote your content:

  • Twitter Ads. Advertising on Twitter is a paid service that allows promoting publications for a larger audience. You can also configure targeting according to specific demographic data, interests, and behavior of your target audience.
  • Promotion of tweets. Local promotion of the tweets selected is another paid function. Publications will appear in the feeds of your subscribers and people who follow similar accounts. This method can also be used to attract more people to your account.
  • Lead generation. Lead generation cards allow collecting leads directly from Twitter. You can add a call-to-action (CTA) or form for people to subscribe to your mailing or download an official document without leaving the platform.
  • Website Cards. Website Cards are practically the same as Lead generation cards. However, they are focused on attracting traffic to a website. They consist of a CTA, photo or video, and a link to a company’s website.


The first step is the hardest :) You will have to face the promotion strategy for your business on Twitter, but the efforts and consistency of the workflow will bring fruit. Study your TA, niche, tendencies, and publish useful content. It is the way to get feedback from your audience in the form of increased coverage and engagement.



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