Digital Marketing and Gen Z: What to Expect in 2023

Pauline Volovik
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Every generation has its own values that dictate the requirement for advertisement, emailing, content, and other marketing tools. Why is it relevant for the business? Because only the one who is skilled, can, and wants to adjust to circumstances can survive. Carlos Slim said: “Business requires flexibility”. A new generation is a new target audience. And the earlier you start discovering it, the higher your chances of success in the future.

What’s the difference between marketing for Gen Y and Gen Z

Generation Z and Y have been considered a single group for a long time, without paying attention to the differences between them. But today, when zoomers account for the majority of all customers, their features are worth being identified. So, how do these generations differ? Here are several examples.

The generation of zoomers is more reasonable, thoughtful, and responsible. It is difficult to make them do impulsive purchases. Ideal pictures or special offers on the website are not likely to grab their attention. You must use relevant marketing tools and methods. Let’s consider some of them.

5 marketing pieces of advice to work with Gen Z

According to Earthweb, there are about 2 billion Gen Z representatives. It is a huge target audience worth marketing efforts. I offer you five pieces of advice that will help your campaign draw the attention of the new generation in 2023.

Put values first

When interacting with the brand, Gen Z devotes no less attention to a company than to a product or service. They want to trust a brand. Here, everything is simple: be transparent and open, share your values, and you will conquer your reputation among zoomers. Purchase is the end result of their search, not the primary one. For example, if a representative of Gen Z looks for a winter coat, they will not buy the first one they like. First, they will find out more about the company, producing country, fabric, etc. And if they are satisfied with the information obtained, they will press the Buy button.

Speak their language

Communication is the foundation of the work with zoomers. And it has transformed over time. Analyze influencers and their pages: what and how they discuss, jokes they make, slang they use, whether they use popular abbreviations, etc. Be wise when applying this information and do not go too far. A balance is required here. Otherwise, your text will look intimidating. Informal communication and a sincere Tone of voice are the easiest way to speak the language of zoomers.

Work with opinion leaders

Gen Z trusts influencers’ opinions. According to Earthweb, 80% of respondents are subscribed to at least one opinion leader.

Pay attention to an essential aspect. I have already mentioned that trust is of high importance for Gen Z. Therefore, choose nanoblogs the audience of which is no more than 10 thousand subscribers. Their credibility is higher than millionaire bloggers. It’s better to promote your brand through influencers with a small though loyal audience.


It can be hard to conquer the new generation. According to IBM, 66% of zoomers use several devices at once. For example, they watch a film and scroll feeds at the same time. So, you have to fight for their attention. Your content must become a source of entertainment for the target audience.

Gen Z is into jokes and fun. Show them you catch the vibe, but do not overindulge. Brands must keep up with trends, otherwise, zoomers lose interest and unsubscribe.

Give feedback and use UGC

It is a challenge to engage the representatives of the Internet era using broad-audience advertising. And here’s UGC to help you. It is not enough to describe the features of a good when advertising it. Zoomers listen to opinion leaders and examine reviews. According to Marketing Dive statistics, 82% of consumers trust a company more if they use reviews and user content for advertising. Moreover, Gen Z requires feedback. For example, if they publish a photo and tag a brand’s account, they expect the company to react. You must not only engage the audience in the creation of content, but also encourage feedback. It can be cross-posting, a discount, a small present, or a coupon.

These are not all methods that can be used to work with the new generation. You must carry out a deep analysis to create an efficient strategy for the new audience. With enough time, effort, and resources, you can hit high metrics and gain the trust and loyalty of Gen Z.


Businesses must stay flexible and adjust to new realities. If you have not worked with Gen Z yet, start now! Discover a new audience, develop and adapt marketing strategies. It is a great way to succeed in working with both zoomers and other generations.



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