B2B Business and Content on Instagram

What content to publish and how to create successful strategies for B2B business promotion on Instagram?

Content is your business card on Instagram. It is in your best interest to have an informative, attractive, and outstanding one. However, even considering that every business is unique and requires an individual approach to maintaining a social network page, we can still outline several frequently used formats and ideas, suitable for numerous B2B companies.

Photo and video tutorials

Instagram is full of active users ready to give feedback. And considering that the platform is focused on visual content, videos and photos of products with tutorials work great and bring results. Moreover, the latest versions of the app provide the ability to leave a link to an item directly on an image. The platform is mostly used for mobile phones. It is an advantage considering growing mobile traffic and content accessibility no matter where and when.

Corporate photos

Showing a company’s life from the inside is another great way to attract an audience engaged. These publications have several advantages at once.

Firstly, you attract potential customers, who understand beforehand your company’s workflow. It simplifies the recruiting process.

Secondly, a client who sees and understands the internal processes of your business not only cultivates a more loyal attitude but also experiences the company’s confidence and reliability.

Moreover, this content can draw the attention of other companies, resulting in collaborations and, consequently, audience development. The creation of such publications does not require anything “excess”. It is simply enough to post a photo and video, where you show your employees, team building tricks, an office, or warehouses.

Reviews and successful cases

Share reviews, show that people address you and get what they wanted. When potential clients see satisfied customers who use your goods or services, they are more likely to have a desire to address you.

These publications can look like images with text reviews, video reviews, or photos before and after.


Want to become closer to your audience? Show them what’s happening behind the cameras. You will thus conquer the audience’s trust. By publishing this content, you show that you have nothing to hide, your work is transparent and clear. If you want to produce quality content, you’d better allocate work: each employer tells about his area of responsibility, nuances, unusual situations, etc.

However, we should remember that it is a labor-intensive and complicated process, not every employer can take. In this case, many hire teams of video makers specialized in creating similar materials.

Do not forget that this content should be live and natural. Awkwardness and plastic will never work here :)


Share the events a company participates in. You will thus increase the recognition of your business and consumer awareness about your occupation. And, of course, it contributes to the formation of image and trust!

This content can positively influence the internal business structures as well: when employees see that their company participates in interesting events and conferences, they will more likely be proud of being part of it.


One of the popular tendencies of recent years was brand cooperation with influencers to promote products and services. This method will only work out if cooperation is native, and the influencers’ audience is relevant. Content with your goods and positive feedback from opinion leaders can thus increase sales several times.

However, wisely select influencers to cooperate with in order not to drain the budget.

Pay attention to:

  • Values of your brand correspond with those of influencers
  • The company’s goals are outlined before the tech task is formed, and you clearly understand the tasks to be solved [it will help correctly evaluate the result]
  • The audience must get feedback, therefore comments and questions must get a response
  • Publish quality content that may be interesting to visitors on your page, who come from bloggers’ advertising

What’s new in your niche?

Your audience is people potentially interested in what you produce, therefore publish appealing content: news in your industry, useful articles, tendencies, new technologies, etc. This content can attract industry professionals, that can become your potential partners, or simply share valuable information.

You thus:

  • Keep your audience updated
  • Demonstrate active participation in your industry, a desire to become a leader, and a willingness to try new things
  • Rely on value to the audience and try to give truly needed and useful things

It is a great way to maintain confidence in your company’s work.

UGC or user content

UGC is content created by clients instead of brands. It includes reviews, feedback, photos, videos, and many more.

The advantage of user content is its reliability, authenticity, and attractiveness compared to traditional advertising. Such publications create a sense of community around your brand: customers see that other users like your products and want to become part of this community of satisfied customers.

Brands can encourage user content by carrying out giveaways, using hashtags or similar content on their channels.

Successful B2B campaign on Instagram. How to create one?

Filled profile

You should make sure that your company’s profile on Instagram contains all the necessary information, such as:

  • title
  • logo
  • Link to website
  • brief description of goods and services, etc.

You should also think about CTA for people to know what to do when then they get on your page.

Real-time user content

UGC is an actual and powerful marketing instrument. On the market, where customers are overwhelmed with advertising messages, user content stands out and attracts people on an emotional and personal level. However, this content implies not only positive feedback but also negative. And you should know how to work with it.

Post Description

In addition to visual content, engage people in textual one, and provoke them to communicate: ask questions, offer topics to discuss, and ask their personal opinion. Use emojis to add visual content. It is a great way to add visual interest to your description. They can also divide massive blocks of text, thus making text easier to read.


Hashtags are a great way to classify content on social media. You thus simplify the search for content that corresponds to users’ interests. Hashtags can be added anywhere in the post. The only thing — they should be relevant to your company’s occupation and products.

When selecting hashtags, pay attention to:

  • Most frequently used hashtags in your niche
  • Popular hashtags
  • Relevant keywords

Do not use them fanatically: in this case, more is not better, since ten lines of hashtags look like spam.

Time for giveaway

A giveaway is one of the contestable ways to promote your business on Instagram. The key problem is connected with bumps in activity: after completing the conditions of the contest, people unsubscribe if the content itself is not relevant to their interests or does not offer enough value. Instagram’s algorithms consider such jumps as suspicious ones, and an account can fall under sanctions (e.g., “shadow bans”).

Therefore, if you’ve made a decision to use this format, you’d better get prepared:

  • Select a prize relevant to your target audience. It must be something desired or have a direct relation to your brand.
  • Think over the requirements for participating to make them simple and clear. The easier they are, the more people will participate.
  • Promote giveaways in various channels: mention them on your website, blog, and other social networks.
  • Support this newsbreak with other activities, and additional valuable content, and work on attracting an audience attracted.


Content is a foundation for successful business promotion on Instagram. Therefore, if you want your foundation to be steady, you will have to spend time offering various formats, creatives, and monitoring the quality of end result. Nevertheless, this work will not pass unnoticed. And, under a correctly built strategy, you can influence the involvement and loyalty of your audience.



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