13 Traffic Sources Crypto Startups Should Pay Attention to

Today, we are going to talk about the channels used for the effective promotion of your crypto [and not only] startup. I want to note right away that in this case, I am not trying to build an ideal strategy and only describing local channels you should choose depending on the product, geography, target audience, and many other factors. Do not choose channels chaotically. I have already mentioned this moment in my article as one of the serious mistakes young startups make.

#1. Crypto Twitter

Twitter has been one of the leading and popular social channels for a while, and it shouldn’t be neglected. This platform is suitable for project promotion as it helps to keep the community updated about the news and important announcements of a project.

Moreover, it will be even better to not only maintain the activity of your startup account in this social network but also relink it with other channels, thus providing users with alternative resources of content and unobtrusively directing them there.

Also, I should mention quote retweets and the use of opinion leaders or popular account tags. It helps to additionally expand the organic audience, initiate activity, etc. There are plenty of such mechanisms, and it becomes challenging to describe them all in one article.

#2. Medium

Another wonderful channel to keep your audience updated. It can be used for news, technical and product updates, as well as the description of company policy, its mission, product idea, and market problem resolution.

The biggest difference between Medium and Twitter is that the first one enables writing longreads and giving a detailed explanation and a bigger amount of information, compared with the limited number of characters in tweets.

Crypto projects often use Medium to replace an internal block connected to a project site. And now, a life hack for those who do not want to lose the organic audience and improve organic SEO metrics: transfer Medium to your site subdomain. You thus get full blog functionality and articles that increase the traffic of your main site.

Moreover, do not neglect tags since you can thus appear in Recommended for more popular accounts and additionally promote your account.

#3. Telegram Community

Every startup, especially early-stage one, needs support from a loyal community. And the easiest and the best way to do it is by chatting.

While creating a channel in Telegram, you open up a new world of possibilities for obtaining a team of like-minded people ready to support the project till the end!

Do not get limited with one channel, create several for various areas — announcements and community chats in different languages. Borders exist only in your head.

#4. Website

One of the significant components of a successful startup launch is a finely-made website that must fully correlate with the essence of your project. Moreover, all the info required for a potential investor must be presented on it, including roadmap, whitepaper, team members description, etc.

Your website will become one of the irreplaceable tools for fundraising required for every early-stage startup.

The website structure may expand with the project development. Using the potential of organic promotion (SEO), you can increase indexation and get promoted in organic results. The site structure may improve user metrics, such as Bounce Rate, Pages per Visit, Monthly Visits, and Avg. Visit Duration.

#5. Airdrop and Bounty

Airdrop is one of the standard marketing techniques to increase project recognition. The approach is based on rewarding people who contributed to the development of your startup. For example, give coins to those entering the community in Telegram or sharing the info related to your activity.

More people, including potential investors and partners, can thus get to know your startup.

Airdrop is sometimes confused with bounty campaigns. However, these two types of earnings have important differences. While conducting Bounty all participants must have specialized skills, for example, programming, translating, or working as a web designer. Users, who receive a “prize”, must have numerous followers or expert status. If a user registers in bounty campaigns, the reward may be received within more than two weeks [unlike Airdrop, where coins get faster]. Plus, for Airdrop you will get fewer tokens than for Bounty. This difference sometimes means ‘ten times fewer’.

#6. Ask Me Anything (AMA)

As soon as your project is in the public eye, they start questioning. And here comes a wonderful chance to share more details on our mission, vision, goals, and perspectives.

With the help of the channels of communication with your community, collect the most interesting and relevant questions. Choose one member of your team and consciously prepare sound comments.

It’s a great opportunity to overcome doubts, fears, and uncertainty investors and users may have, thus gaining their trust.

#7. Paid Promotion

There exist plenty of ways how to promote a project, starting from organic methods and up to paid ads. And let’s talk about the last one.

Almost every major platform, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others offer additional possibilities for promotion. It can be displaying advertisements, videos, banners, and other types of ads targeting a user. The biggest goal is to obtain traffic, directing users to your site or social networks.

#8. Display Campaigns

Another kind of paid ads based on project promotion on popular websites of correlating industries.

Again, this ad can be of various types: images, video, audio, flash, and text with visual effects.

#9. Reddit

Reddit is a community website for social content exchange, where users share news on a regular basis, including texts, images, and links. You can register and tell about your project in special communities, called subreddits.

However, I would not recommend starting actively promoting your project since people may understand that it is your only goal. You should better become an active user involved in discussions, who shares his opinion and position. And having received a particular level of trust, you can proceed to the initial goal of your activity on the portal.

#10. Press Releases (PR)

News portals and mass media as channels for promotion are worth thinking over. There is an entire list of online media covering the topic of cryptocurrencies, that will be happy to write about your project, thus offering needed publicity.

#11. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another form of direct marketing, that includes targeted marketing emails about your new product launch, offers, advantages, etc.

This kind of promotion requires a wise approach, as thoughtless mailing will not give the needed results. First, it’s better to collect a base of your users’ contacts, who are interested in your project. This base can be segmented depending on the volume of investment, interests, etc. And then we can configure the mailing to make it relevant to a chosen segment of the audience.

#12. Reputation Management

While you are in the process of your crypto project development, there is a high possibility that your competitors are planning to damage the reputation of your brand by distributing FUD.

Effective reputation management leads to a clear and positive public response to your project. It includes the maintenance of positive and elimination of negative attention your project receives.

#13. Affiliate Marketing

Партнерский маркетинг — это рекламная стратегия продвижения продуктов или услуг другой компании на вашем веб-сайте, в электронной почте и/или в социальных сетях в обмен на комиссию.

Affiliate Marketing is an ad strategy for other companies’ products or services promotion on your website, in emails, and/or on social networks in exchange for a fee.

In fact, you make people attract traffic to your website, community, channels, or even buy the coin of your project for fees.

The idea is to use partnership networks and tactics to help you attract visitors and investors.

Do you use any of the strategies described above? Do you find them relevant or useless?



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