10 online marketing tools that make life easier

There exist lots of online marketing tools that can significantly simplify your work, but I want to focus on solutions accessible. Every instrument below is available for free and can give enough data for basic work on a project. When I was a beginner, I could not afford even simple solutions that cost $5–15 a month, so now I am sure that there are people in the same situation. Therefore, below, I suggest 10 simple and 100% free services that will help any marketer.

Google Trends. This service shows what people frequently search for, as well as allows estimating the demand using keywords, time, and geography.

Google Alerts. A service that detects and notifies about content changes. It sends emails to a user when new results, correlating with his searches, appear.

Google Analytics. A web analytics service that is pretty famous with online marketers. It’s a basic tool that, together with sound configuration and ads channels, GTM, Search Console, and other instruments, enables monitoring of all key marketing metrics.

Google Optimize. A free tool for site optimization and A/B testing.

Google Keyword Planner. Key searches collecting tool. You can make quite a good semantic for a blog, advertising, or website pages with its help.

OWOX BI. Collects data from CRM, ads campaigns, calls monitoring systems, etc., and creates a needed report based on this data.

Bing Keyword Tool. Collects hundreds of pieces of advice on a key searching word. Helps to look at trends from Bing researcher from a different perspective.

Similar Web Analysis. Analyses traffic on a site, its sources, and channels. It’s free, a paid version with additional functionality is also available.

MailChimp. One of the most popular services for email marketing. Provides templates, clear statistics, and lots of other functions: planning according to a recipient’s time zone, integration with other services, etc.

IFTTT. Task automatization tool. It will help you specify conditions “if”-”then”. It’s a first step on the way to business and marketing process optimization.

These tools may seem evident and simple to you. But I am convinced that a good marketer is not the one with perfect tools, but the one who can work with information. The information sources can be different, and in the beginning, while you’re still in the progress of collecting your kit with all marketer’s instruments, it’s worth testing the water and trying free solutions in the market. You’ll thus understand what you must see, what information is required for analysis, and so on. In this case, investment in tools will bring payback!



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Pauline Volovik

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